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elmental Cande Co
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who are we, you ask?

/el•e•'men•[t]l/ Candle Co. 

noun     1.  purveyors of handcrafted scented goods, made with LOVE


elemental Candle Co. brings health, wellness and self-development to the forefront. We create handcrafted aromatherapy goods inducing moments that soothe, elevate and rejuvenate you and your spaces. Our packaging and ingredients are mindfully chosen and include a broad selection of phthalate-free and non-toxic fragrances, coming together seamlessly to offer a more positive impact on your spaces, you and the overall environment.

Our handmade, artisan wax products are a proprietary wax blends made from carefully selected ingredients including soy, beeswax, coconut, and or food grade paraffin waxes poured in small batches with meticulous care to satisfy your therapeutic pleasures.



Our premium fragrance oils are also carefully selected for a great scent throw with our handmade products.  They are phthalate-free and or non-toxic.


We use non-metal, natural cotton fiber wicks for a cleaner burn, so feel confident when you add your flame.  Our candle vessels are reusable and recyclable.


Aromatic sprays and perfume rollerballs are a convenient way to take your aromatherapy on the go. 

Tap into the elements, love, and positive vibes!

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Don’t hesitate to contact us with any comments, questions, or special requests regarding elemental Candle Co. and our inventory. We’re happy to help in every way we can and will get back to you as soon as possible.  Thank you for supporting this small business.

Ridgeville, SC United States

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